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National Governors Association Meeting on Medicaid


The next 48 hours are critical for the future of Medicaid and access to health care.

Republican governors are poised to strike a deal on Medicaid during the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C. This deal could threaten vital health care coverage for seniors, kids, people with disabilities, the working poor, and veterans.

It is absolutely critical that Chris Christie hear from YOU that any deal to cut and cap federal Medicaid funding is bad for people and bad for New Jersey. Even worse, we've heard that cuts to Medicaid, which protects our most vulnerable residents, will be used to make up for lost revenue when Congress repeals taxes on millionaires. That's right - they want to cut health care for poor people in order to give millionaires and billionaires a tax cut. Let that sink in - it's disgusting. Chris Christie cannot make this deal, and he can't make it in secret.

Please contact Chris Christie right now and tell him that Medicaid helps New Jersey and that you are opposed to caps and cuts to Medicaid. 

PS - It is now more urgent than ever that you join us on Monday as we rally against cuts to our health care in Trenton. We have to take the fight for our health care to Christie's doorstep. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

If you are calling Governor Christie: 609-292-6000 - they will connect you with an aide if you ask.
Feel free to use the below talking points (or choose your own talking points from this NJPP one-pager):  
  1. I'm calling on the governor to defend the Medicaid expansion, as he used to do, and oppose block-granting Medicaid. 
  2. If the expansion is repealed, 550,000 New Jersey adults will lose coverage and the state will lose $3 billion per year in federal funding. 
  3. If Medicaid is block-granted, hundreds of thousands more will lose coverage over ten years. The state's hospitals will be devastated and its economy damaged.
Stand up for your state's vital interests and your own past good policy decision.
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Demand Town halls from the Congressman that are refusing!

Many New Jersey Representatives are refusing to have town halls around the state. See who they are below. We need our representatives to hear our voices!

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Stand with BlueWaveNJ against Stephen Bannon's Influence in the White House

BlueWaveNJ Stands Firmly Against White Supremacist, Racist, and Propagandist Stephen Bannon Being in the White House.


Sign the Southern Poverty Law Center's petition below and make the calls necessary to make sure your voice is heard!

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Demand Booker and Menendez Reject the Simple Majority Rule and Protect the Supreme Court

Join BlueWaveNJ and Working Families as we demand Senator Booker and Menendez Reject Senate Republicans plan to have a simple majority vote for their supreme court nominee.


Where: 1 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ 07102 We are meeting inside the reception area across from the New York Sports Club.

When: Tomorrow, February 3rd at 12:45pm

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Sign The Petition for a Town Hall with NJ 11th's Congressman Frelinghuysen

NJ 11th Constituents, please sign this petition to Congressional representative, Rodney Frelinghuysen, to meet in a public Town Hall meeting as soon as possible.

Sign the Petition Here.


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Making Just 5 Calls Can Make a Difference!

Simply head to the 5 calls website and make your voice heard!

Turn your passive participation into active resistance. Facebook likes and Twitter retweets don't create the change you want to see.

Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

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Call Paul Ryan and Show Your Support For The Affordable Care Act!

Call Speaker Ryan Today and Let him Know you Support The Affordable Care Act!

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